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when do we train?

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How should you behave as a parent when your child is playing or training?

In Aalborg Flyers, we appreciate support from parents, friends and acquaintances on the side line. It’s a huge resource, that can motivate players and give them security on the playing field – especially for the younger players. Engagement from the sideline can be positive, but also negative. An example of this could be yelling at the referee, a negative attitude against the opposing team, or talking about the games outcome in an unnecessary big role.

Aalborg Flyers wishes that the club is the best place for everyone. Therefore are the following points highlighted to show the guidelines that the club wishes to experience, when it comes to support from the sideline – especially when the youngest teams are playing.

  • Meet up to trainings and games – your child appreciates it
  • Keep calm on the sideline, or come with positive back up – let the children play
  • Keep your distance to trainers and players (Don’t sit near to the players bench)
  • Respect the trainers decisions – be positive and supportive
  • Respect the referees decisions
  • Create a good atmosphere at the games and at training
  • Ask your kid if the game was exciting or fun – Don’t ask about the outcome
  • Make sure you have the correct gear – Don’t exaggerate
  • Support the team and the clubs work – Your effort is appreciated
  • Remember, it’s your child playing – Not you

where do we play?

Aalborg Flyers has always had adress at

Tornhøj Idrætscenter, Tornhøjvej 1, 9220 Aalborg Ø.

Tornhøj Idrætscenter is right by Tornhøjskolen in Aalborg Øst, which is easily accessable in car and on bike.

If you don’t have the access to car or can’t bike to Tornhøj Idrætcenter, bus 14 drives directly to the door, and bus 11 stops a short distance from the Idrætscenter.